Types of Studies
As a free online community, SaySO gives you the opportunity to fill out surveys and participate in other market research studies sponsored by major companies. These companies use the resulting information from the studies you take part in to modify their strategies and ultimately provide you with better products and services.

While the companies benefit from learning what their customers want, you get paid for helping your favorite brands develop more appealing products and services! It's a win-win situation.

We match your imprints to a specific study or a survey opportunity and accordingly invite you via email to participate in it. When you complete a survey or a study, we will credit your account with the number of Scoins mentioned in the invitation.
Online Surveys
SaySO will send an invitation to its members via email containing a link to a secure web site where members will complete an online survey relating to a specific research project. The surveys would take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to complete and members will earn between 50 to 300 Scoins for each online survey they undertake depending upon the length and complexity of the survey.
Hot Wires
Hot Wires are short surveys published monthly, with the results utilised by a wide array of business to assist in decision making. SaySO will email its members a monthly invitation and link to participate in this survey. The survey will take anywhere from 2 to 8 minutes to complete and members will earn 20 to 50 Scoins each time they participate.
Telephone Surveys
For certain market research projects we will invite members to participate in a survey over the telephone. They will be contacted by one of our trained market research interviewers. The survey can take anywhere from 3 to 20 minutes to complete, and members can earn between 50 Scoins and 300 Scoins for each survey they undertake.
Buzz Sessions
Buzz Sessions are informal discussions conducted Online. SaySO will email its members an invitation and link to a secure web site where they will participate in a group discussion with 8 to 12 other people. The discussion will be facilitated by a professional market researcher and they will be rewarded anywhere from 150 Scoins and 300 Scoins for participating.
You Pilot
Qualified members of SaySO get the opportunity of being a beta tester and get paid for their feedback. Upon becoming a Beta Tester members have the chance to be the first to test Mobile apps, online and mobile games, virtual worlds and websites even before they are released. Active testers receive a reward of 100 scoins for their participation in each such study.
Online Mystery Shopping
Qualified members are asked to visit online shopping carts or deal websites to purchase particular items or observe specific aspects about the websites' product or service offerings. They are required to make note of very specific elements of their entire experience while on the website and about products or services. As their reward they get to keep the product or utilize the service they have been asked to evaluate. In some cases the members may even get upto 200 Scoins added to their account for this service.
Note: Participating in Paid Surveys at SaySO is a legitimate way for the members to earn extra income. However, becoming a member at SaySO and doing Paid Surveys is not a get-rich scheme and is unlikely to replace a full-time job. At SaySO we will pay the members for sharing their opinion as it is of great value to us and our clients.
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