Who can become a SaySO member? How?
Simple. You just need to fulfill the following two conditions:
   1) You must be at least 13 years of Age
   2) You must be an Indian citizen
   If you have met the above requirements we have a big welcome waiting for you. Just go to the home page and register.
Why should I join SaySO. What's in it for me?
Please refer to "Why Join Us" page and you will know what's in store for you.
Will my inbox be flooded with emails?
Better than answering this question, we decided to create the below table to let you decide for yourself.
Type Email Sent to You
Registration Yes - A Welcome email
Imprints Yes, as we will be sending you email for each Imprint level. Don't be alarmed, each imprint email is sent to you only after a couple of days from the time you finish the previous level.
Refer a friend No. Instead we send a referral email to your friend(s) on your behalf to whom you wish to invite to join SaySO.
Voucher Redemption Yes. When you redeem your voucher we send you an email with your voucher details.
Survey Yes. If you qualify for a survey based on your imprints, we will send you an invitation to participate in the survey via email.
Do you still think we would flood your inbox with emails?
What are Imprints?
Imprint surveys are our access to get to know you and your interests better. We ask you small collections of questions pertaining to a specific subject or aspect of your life to understand you better. Imprints are spread across various levels and are sent to you with time intervals. Imprints help us fine tune and send you surveys that we know would suit you and you would be interested to answer. This also helps us NOT to flood your inbox with emails :) Also, the icing on the cake is, on successful completion of each imprint level; we credit your account with allocated Scoins™.
Why is there an interval between each imprint level mail / invite?
Imprints are a reflection of you. Hence, we here at SaySO ensure that you are at peace when you are filling out your imprints. We also respect your privacy and do not want to burden you with imprint questions as soon as you register. Therefore we have spaced out the imprint questions so that you can express yourself completely while telling us about yourself.
Do you store any personal information?
The information we store about you is what you share with us by completing your Imprints. We want to know YOU and not your bank account or credit card details and that's why we will never ask you for any such critical information. We value your association with SaySO and will never do anything that would affect our relationship with you :)
I have just registered, but cannot access my account?
Once you have registered, you will receive an activation code along with the welcome mail in you inbox. In most cases this code is sent directly to your inbox. Make sure that you check your Spam mail just in case. Follow the instructions mentioned in the Welcome mail and access your account.
If you are still having trouble, send us an email at or drop a message from the contact uspage and we will help you out.
I don't remember my password, how can I access my account?
Here is what you need to do;
• Click on the forgot password link on the homepage or login screen
• Type in your registered email address and click on reset your password
• Check your registered email id for a link to reset your password

If it's still not working for you, don't worry, just send an email to and we will help you out.
How do I unsubscribe from your services and delete my account?
Though we would feel sad to see you go, but if you have made up your mind, we respect your decision. You can unsubscribe from our services in the following ways:
• Right from the time you register with us, every email that you receive from us contains an "Unsubscribe" link. All you need to do is click on it and follow instructions.
• Login to your SaySO account, go to the Personal Information tab and click on Delete my account.
If I re-join SaySO, does all my previous information get activated?
We would be happy if you decide to join us again. However if you had previously decided to unsubscribe or delete your account, all your information is deleted from the SaySO database to ensure the privacy of your data.
All you have to do is register again and we will make sure that you don’t have click on the Delete / Unsubscribe link again.
How often will I receive surveys?
You should receive a survey invite at least, but not limited to, once a month. Each survey that we host and distribute has certain specific sets of requirements based on location, demographics and / or interest. However we try our very best to ensure each and every SaySO member is given an equal opportunity of participating in surveys.
How does SaySO membership work and how do I get paid?
Please refer to "How It Works" page and you will know how your membership can help you get rewards and incentives.
What are SCOINS™?
Scoins™, abbreviation for SaySO Coins, is a virtual currency created specifically for our SaySO online community. Scoins™ are the trading currency in function at SaySO. Scoins are credited to your account as rewards or incentives for your participation in the various research studies, referral program and also upon completion of your imprints. The value of 1 Scoin™ = 1 Indian Rupee. Collected Scoins™ can be redeemed by you in the form of various vouchers available in the rewards catalog.
Do I get SCIONS™ for every Survey and how long does it take for it to get credited into my account?
For most of the surveys that you take, Scoins™ are credited almost instantaneously to your SaySO account upon successfully completing the survey. However for surveys such as Buzz Sessions and Telephone Surveys, it takes up to 5 working days for the Scoins™ to get credited to your account. There are also other incentives like prize draws or gift cards, the winners of which will be notified via email.
I was disconnected from the Internet when filling out my survey. Do I get credited for the information that I had provided?
Scoins™ are credited to your account only upon completion of the survey. This is because the information may be obsolete if the survey is not completed. If you have been timed-out or disconnected, do not worry as you can start from where you left off by re-clicking on the imprint level invitation in your mail or by logging into your account. Once completed, Scoins™ will be credited to your account almost instantaneously.
How can I Redeem my Scions?
It's a simple 5-step process. All you need to do is:
• Login to your SaySo account
• Go to the Redeem Tab
• Select the voucher(s) of your choice and its denomination
• Click on Place Request button once you have finalized on the voucher of your choice
• All redeem requests will be addressed within 7 working days.
Why should I provide you with my Address?
Here is why we would need your address:
• If you have selected a voucher that is to be sent to you by post, we want to make sure that it reaches to you and not someone else.
• If you win any rewards / prizes in our lucky draws, we want to make sure it reaches you.
Is there a validity period associated with the voucher(s) that I have redeemed?
Yes. Every voucher that you select has a certain validity period associated with it and you will be informed about the same when you are selecting the voucher. Therefore we urge you that you use them before they expire.
What happens if I do not use my vouchers that I have redeemed within the validity period?
We hate to see you do that because it would lead to the following:
• Scions™ once deducted for vouchers that were not used within the expiry period would not credited back to your account
• You will lose out on the voucher benefits
How do I check how many Scions™ I have earned?
All you have to do is Login to your SaySO account and you will be automatically redirected to your Account Overview page, which will give you a summary of all your activities including the Scoins™ you have earned.
Can I see a list of referrals that have signed up?
A history of your personalized email invitations is available on the "Referrals" page, in addition to your referral statistics.
Do I earn SCOINS™ for each person I refer to you that signs up?
As a member you earn Scoins™ when your referrals qualify for and successfully complete a survey, your account will automatically be credited with referral bonus almost immediately.
Why was I disqualified from a survey before I finished?
Our apologies. This is because you would have not met the requirements set in the survey. Sometimes a survey demands respondents who meet very specific criteria. This is because our clients might require feedback from a specific age group or people who use a particular type of product. To increase your chances for qualifying for future online surveys, complete all your Imprint levels.
Can I pre-determine if I qualify for a survey, so that I do not have to be disqualified when I am taking it?
There is no way to ensure that you will qualify for a survey. This is dependent on the requirements of research that is being conducted at that point of time and our clients determine qualification requirements. However, we are constantly working to make sure that every survey that is sent is tailor made for you, so that you do not feel left out. Remember, keeping your imprints updated and filling out all levels can make you eligible for more surveys.
I am facing some technical difficulties with my SaySO account. Can you help?
We are constantly improving our website and want to know if you are having problems. To help us fix the problem, please send an email to with the following details, as it will help us recreate the problem at our end:
• Problem Description
• Browser used along with version
• Operating System along with version
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